5 Styles of Jeans You Need in Your Everyday Closet

Trends and seasons come and go, but it’s no secret that denim is a staple in our everyday closet. There are many styles that are back with a vengeance this year, from baggy jeans to low-rise jeans. Yes, I said, low rise jeans are back but if you’re anything like me, you probably won’t be going back in time to wear those. Here are my 5 favorite styles you need to try this year.

1. 90s STYLE JEANS. You will definitely continue to see baggy jeans in style for 2022 and my favorite are the 90s flare jeans and straight jeans. Looser fitting jeans continue to make their way through the fashion space but you don’t need to wear them baggy. I love to style them with a heel to create a straight leg silhouette for a chic look.


The best jean styles this year baggy 90s style flare jeans

2. PATCHWORK DETAIL.  Do you see the trend of vintage denim styles making a comeback? Well, here’s another one! From patch detail to color block jeans, this is a statement style you need to try. This style is making its way from the runway to your closet. This is a great style to pair with a basic tee and your favorite white sneakers for a casual, yet chic look.


The best jean styles this year patchwork and colorblock jeans

3. FLARE JEANS.  I personally don't feel like flare jeans have every been out of style or will every go out of style but it's definitely one of my favorite styles to wear.  A nice non-distressed dark wash flare jean is my favorite for a casual day in the office, especially paired with a blazer.

The best jean styles this year flare jeans

4. SIDE AND FRONT SLIT DETAIL.  Show of your shoe game in a slit style denim.  This style is making it's way to more denim brands this year.  I'm seeing styles with front slits, inseam slits, and outer slits.  All are very cute and perfect for showing of a cute heel or bootie.  You can see these details on many different styles from flare jeans to bootcut jeans.  The choices are endless.


The best jean styles this year slit detail

5. STRAIGHT JEANS.  This straight jeans are a classic denim you need in your everyday closet.  From distressed details to non-distressed cropped styles, these are perfect for many different occasions.  I love this style because it's an easy one to pair with many different styles of shoes.


The best jean styles this year straight jeans


    These styles are some of my favorite but I always say, no matter if a certain denim style is on trend or not, always wear what YOU feel the most comfortable in.  When you feel comfortable is when you're confidence will shine through. 

    What denim styles are you loving this year?

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