The Heart Behind Homegrown Hearts Boutique

The HEART behind Homegrown Hearts

Hi there! My name is Melinda and I’m the owner of this little corner of the inter-webs I call Homegrown Hearts Boutique. I was born and raised in St. Petersburg, Florida, hence where the name Homegrown Hearts was born. I’m married to an amazing man...who, by the way, told me to stop dilly dallying and start this ding thing! And we are the proud parents of two kitties.
The Heart Behind Homegrown Hearts.  Meet our owner.


I started this boutique, well one, because I love fashion....who doesn’t? And two, because I wanted to create a place where women like me could find modest, casual chic, clothing. Clothing that would show off their cute, cool, personality and make them feel beautiful. 

I’ve never felt comfortable in tight fitting clothing or revealing outfits. And when I started to approach the lovely age of 40, I was finding it hard to find modest clothing that was still stylish and fashion-forward.  Quality clothing that not every woman was wearing, that I felt comfortable in, and where my bank wasn’t going to disown me for spending a small fortune on that AMAZING jacket! You know that cool leather jacket with rockin’ studs? Yeah that jacket! Where was I? Oh yeah, so I wanted to provide women a place to find high quality, versatile clothing that could take them from their 9 to 5 straight through the weekend. Effortless outfits that allow you to stand out and show off your casual, unique style.

I believe that your outfit is a way to express yourself without having to say a word. And I truly believe that a woman’s outfit has an effect on how they feel. And to be real, I believe we all deserve to feel confident and beautiful! I hope you find something beautiful here and hopefully puts a smile on your beautiful face.  Thank you for stopping by and supporting this small business.
xo, Melinda
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